Aug 22, 2023

International Roadcheck inspectors will be out next week

May 10, 2023


Next week, inspectors will be out in force for the annual International Roadcheck inspection blitz.

International Roadcheck is planned for Tuesday through Thursday, May 16-18.

It is a program of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. During the 72-hour inspection and enforcement campaign, CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weigh and inspection stations, designated inspection areas, and along roadways.

Inspectors will conduct their usual roadside safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers. In addition, this year inspectors are expected to specifically focus on two aspects of vehicle safety: anti-lock braking systems and cargo securement.

Anti-lock braking system problems are not out-of-service violations. The alliance says inspectors will first determine whether ABS is required on the vehicle. If it is, they’ll then ensure that the ABS lamp cycles on and off during the diagnostic check and check for indications of any malfunction.

For the other focus of this year’s International Roadcheck, cargo securement, inspectors will check spare tires, cargo and dunnage to make sure they are secure, confirming there are enough tie downs for the weight and length of items being hauled, and more.

CVSA says an average of 15 trucks or buses are inspected every minute across North America during Roadcheck events. Here’s the breakdown.

Last year, 59,026 inspections were conducted. More than 90% of drivers came through with no out-of-service violations.

During a routine North American Standard Level I Inspection, inspectors focus on two areas – driver and vehicle safety compliance.

Vehicles that pass a Level I or Level V Inspection without any critical vehicle violations may receive a CVSA decal, which is valid for three months.

If the inspector identifies critical vehicle violations, the vehicle will be ordered out of service and not be allowed to operate until the identified out-of-service conditions have been corrected.

Inspectors also may put a driver out of service for violations such as not possessing a valid or necessary operating license or exhibiting signs of impairment.

TA Truck Service is offering free midtrip inspections through May 15.

The TA Truck Service midtrip inspections can help identify vehicle issues, including worn brake pads, low tire pressure, or fuel system leaks. Early detection of problems can head off bigger problems, according to TravelCenters of America. For more info, here’s an earlier Land Line article.

Love’s is offering free in-shop TirePass inspection and complimentary visual inspection throughout May to any commercial driver who purchases a truck care service.

Love’s is also offering $10 off Department of Transportation inspections.

There are more than 430 Love’s Truck Care and Speedco locations.


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