Jul 07, 2023

Paying it Forward: Volunteers, Many Hands Make Light Work

As noted, I’m loving every minute of my grandson’s visit. While this Baby Boomer has worked with Gen X, Y and Z, I’ve not had “immersion time” with Gen Alpha till these past few weeks. While I’ve traveled and negotiated with the best, I’ve never been so consistently outmaneuvered than by my six grandsons and granddaughters during our visit to Whiteside Museum in Seymour (Great fun)! Lunch for 11 was a hoot too!

The school of hard knocks is experiential learning at its best. My take away, sometimes you just hold on till it’s safe to get off again. I’d helped connect people and promote a couple of events with the intent to also join each as a volunteer. However, Murphy’s Law, United Airlines, and Air Traffic Control delayed my daughter’s return till the event times. As they say -- the show goes on -- the volunteers and attendees showed up. All had fun, as the volunteers knew the next few things to do; and so on through the day.

No one knew it wasn’t organized this way, so they made it work and had a great time. The 469th Fighting Bulls families and SW Rotarians enjoyed a picnic at Camp Fire’s Harrell Park followed by a dip in the pool as the sunset. How? Because the amazing volunteers stepped up as the heat of the day grew. Imagine grilling burgers and hot dogs in 104-degree heat – thanks Chris! And to the many others who jumped in and made the picnic a celebration for the Bulls and their families.

Earlier Saturday in the cool of the morning, over 25 volunteers showed up at Eastlawn Memorial Cemetery for a major clean up. Now, the grass and weeds are trimmed back and it looks so nice. Grave markers are visible and accessible. Special thanks to the many veterans from Thomas Fowler American Legion Post 169 who showed up with tools and made a huge difference.

Starting Next Friday August 11, join me for a weekly coffee hour 7:45 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. at Suga B’s restaurant in the Regional Airport (parking is free). Tell me what we need to do to help the nonprofits make a difference in our community. It’s your town too, let’s make a difference!

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