Jan 26, 2024

Fredericksburg Restaurant Inspections: Cowboy Jack's, Dunkin' Donuts

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — Several facilities in the Fredericksburg area recorded violations during recent inspections from the Rappahannock Area Health District. Inspectors conducted the most recent visits between April 19 and April 25.

In Virginia, all food service locations are supposed to be inspected at least once per year. Facilities with higher risk factors may be inspected as often as four times per year, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

Violations at restaurants typically focus on factors that can contribute to food contamination. The local health department can also perform a re-inspection to ensure that possible violations have been corrected. Sometimes, the follow-up inspection only considers the most important "priority" violations.

For every observed violation, the inspector provides a specific corrective action that can be completed to rectify the violation. Sometimes these are simple, and violations can be corrected during the course of the inspection.

Depending on the results of the inspection, the health department can pursue several actions.

They can issue a permit for the restaurant to continue serving food, they can schedule a follow-up inspection to determine if violations have been rectified, or they can temporarily shut down an establishment until certain issues are solved.

The Virginia Department of Health only recommends restaurants have their permits suspended when "the continued operation of the foodservice presents a substantial and imminent threat to the public health."

Here are the most recent violations as listed by the Rappahannock Area Health Department:

The following facilities did not record any violations:

Liam Griffin