Jun 23, 2023

'Everyone needs one for emergencies': Grab this 7

Summer means time at the beach, family roadtrips and a lot of fun — but it's also important to make sure you're properly equipped for any trip you might decide to take. It can be hard to predict what you might need, so the easy answer is to combine as many tools as possible into one, like with this 7-in-1 Emergency Tool. It's a car safety hammer, seat belt cutter, red siren, blink light, magnet, and USB charger in one. It also has a hand-crank for charging, so you can generate power even when none is available.

This tool combines nearly everything you might need when facing an emergency on a road trip.

Let's go through the tools it offers. First is a seat belt cutter — a sharp blade designed to slash through thick seatbelts if they get stuck. The window breaker is designed to easily shatter a car window in the event of a crash or accident that makes it so you can't open the door.

There's also a lighting tool combined with a magnetic attachment. You can attach it to any metal part of the vehicle to either signal that you're pulled over or to use as a work light while you're tinkering with the engine. The light can even be set to flash an SOS to get the attention of passerby. There are also USB charging ports so that you can recharge your mobile device.

Finally — and the coolest part, in our opinion — is that it's hand-crank powered. You don't have to plug this tool in to take advantage of its capabilities. Just turn the crank for long enough and you can generate your own power. It comes with a one-year warranty, too, so you have practically nothing to lose.

"Multi-function goodness," one fan said. "This car safety device has a ton of features that are useful. I wanted something with multiple functions in case of emergency that complements the emergency roadside kit I bought separately. The strap cutter razor is very, very sharp. The flashlight feature will probably get the most non-emergent use."

"Love having this 7-in-1 emergency tool in our vehicle," another reviewer said. "It has a back-up charging port for my phone, just in case of an emergency, this is what sold me. The flashlight works great and gives a decent amount of light. The crank to charge is easy to use. Everyone needs one of these in their vehicles for emergencies. If you end up in a crash and can't reach this device to break your window, take the headrest of your seat and try to use that to break the window as a back-up. Two thumbs up from our family"

So many features in such a small package make this a must-buy.

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