Jun 04, 2023

Twitter's "X" sign dismantled due to bright light complaints in San Francisco

On July 31st, 2023, Twitter, which is currently in the process of rebranding itself to X, faced a setback as the giant, garishly lit "X" logo that adorned its San Francisco headquarters was removed.

The sign had been rapidly erected and was already drawing complaints from nearby residents due to its bright and pulsing illumination.

Anis Jerbi's tweet about the situation is just one of many complaints around social media.

This whole Twitter rebranding is going from nonsensical, to stupid, to downright insane. This is the new Twitter, or X, or whatever it's called now, sign seen from an apartment near the HQ. Are you kidding me? This is absurd and I'm sure it's

— Anis Jerbi (@ArtistAJ17) July 29, 2023

The colossal X logo, erected atop Twitter's former headquarters, drew the ire of local residents who lodged complaints about the structure. The city received 24 complaints regarding the unpermitted sign, with concerns primarily focusing on its structural safety and the intense illumination it emitted.

Curiously, Twitter, or X, had reportedly denied access to inspectors seeking to examine the roof where the sign was located, referring to it as a "temporary lighted sign for an event". This denial sparked suspicions about the actual intentions behind the display and raised questions about Twitter's compliance with building regulations.

In response to the complaints and Twitter's denial of access, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning issued a notice of violation to the building's owner, which houses Twitter's headquarters.

The communication director for the department confirmed that the structure had been erected without a proper permit, and this lack of authorization resulted in fines being imposed on the building's owner. These fines would cover the cost of building permits for both the installation and removal of the X logo, as well as the expenses incurred during the inspection and investigation processes.