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Certain vehicles are considered "commercial vehicles" and must be inspected at a commercial inspection facility (see link for a list of locations). These vehicles must have a commercial brake tag.

A "commercial vehicle" is defined as any self-propelled or towed vehicle used on public roads and highways in commerce to transport passengers or property when:

“In Commerce” refers to a vehicle that is owned, leased, or operated by a business, organization, or government entity* for the purpose of compensation, remuneration, employment, trade, or payment of anything of value.

*Vehicles displaying a public license plate that are owned or leased by a government entity may receive a brake tag marked for use on government vehicles.

Certain vans, when used for commercial purposes, are considered commercial vehicles because they are designed to transport more than ten passengers, including the driver. Vans meeting this criteria are considered commercial vehicles even if the seats have been removed. Below are examples of some of these vans.

In addition to the inspection points found in passenger vehicles, the items listed below will be checked on commercial vehicles. For a full listing of all requirements, please see LAC-Title-55-Commercial-Vehicle-and-School-Bus-Inspections.pdf

Trailers and semi-trailers 80 inches or more in width (except boat trailers):

Trailers, semi-trailers 30 feet or more in length:

Pole trailers 30 feet or more in length:

Boat trailers 80 inches or more in width:

Definition: A school bus is defined as any vehicle utilized in the transport of preprimary, primary, or secondary students to or from school or related events.

School buses must meet additional inspection criteria and must receive a commercial brake tag. For a full list of inspected items, please go to LAC-Title-55-Commercial-Vehicle-and-School-Bus-Inspections.pdf.

Commercial vehicle inspections must be recorded on the Record of Annual Commercial Inspection or Semiannual School Bus Inspection Report. A completed copy of this form must be kept in the vehicle at all times while the brake tag is current.

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