Jan 12, 2024

Prolycht Orion 675 FS to start shipping soon

The Prolycht Prolycht Orion 675 FS was first announced just prior to NAB 2022 back in April. It has been a very long wait for those who pre-ordered the light.

The first batches of the Orion 675 FS have now reached final assembly, testing, and inspection. They are due to commence shipping to dealers shortly and reach customers soon after. B&H is stating September 21st as the shipping date.

At the upcoming IBC show in Amsterdam, Prolycht will finally be demonstrating the production version of the Orion 675 FS which features numerous enhancements that were implemented from user feedback and Beta testers.

According to Prolycht, the light’s color rendering accuracy has been improved since the original launch announcement. They claim that average measures of industry standards are 97 CRI, 95 TLCI, 94 TM-30 and SSI scores of 84 @ 3200K and 74 @ 5600K.

Prolycht also claims that Orion 675 FS when set to 5600K, is brighter than a 1200w HMI. At 3200K, the Orion 675 FS surpasses a classic 2000w tungsten fresnel. They also claim that compared to other LED fixtures the Orion 675 FS is brighter than some 600w daylight-only lights and is three times brighter than a well-known rival RGBACL light. Again, I would take this all with a grain of salt until you get to see actual independent evaluations and testing of the light.

The light features a brand new ProLock positive locking Bowens type modifier mount. This ProLock breech-lock positive locking clamp mount is designed for Bowens-type light modifiers and it allows users to physically clamp accessories in place, ensuring that all dedicated Prolycht and Dedolight optics and modifiers can be securely attached to the lamp with virtually no play or annoying wobble.

The yoke of the Orion 675 FS has been redesigned with a curve to allow for better balancing and larger tilt range when used with heavier modifiers and lenses, such as the upcoming custom Zoom and Projection attachments from dedolight. ¼”x20 threaded mounting sockets on the yoke and body of the light allow small accessories or cable management to be held in place. The quick-release yoke is also reversible for better weight distribution on the stand when using heavy modifiers.

Prolychyt has also improved the UI, added Bluetooth Mesh control and LumenRadio CRMX control.

The user interface of the Orion 675 FS has been enhanced with a modern, logical graphical layout that is clear and easy to use. Full control of the Orion 675 FS is available through wireless LumenRadio CRMX, Bluetooth Mesh, DMX, ArtNet, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth Mesh or via the controls on the fixture itself.

Bluetooth Mesh control is now enabled on the Orion 675 FS, allowing multiple lights to be controlled at the same time via smartphone using the Chromalink app.

Prolycht will also be showing the final production version of its 10” 15-50 degree Fresnel lens. Along with the 15-50 degree adjustable beam angle and 10” diameter Fresnel, the light will also be equipped with 8-leaf barn doors. A future accessory motor will also allow remote control of the beam adjustment.

According to Prolycht, the Fresnel attachment gives the Orion 675 FS the ability to surpass the output of a 1200w HMI or 2K tungsten fresnel. Now, this is their words and not mine. I would prefer to see real-world examples of this instead of just claims.

Prolycht and dedolight will be offering a wide array of lighting modifiers for the Orion 675 FS. Along with the Fresnel, Prolycht will also be offering a 60” Soft Dome and a 35” Soft Lantern as optional accessories. Lensed modifiers are also planned from technological partner dedolight in the near future. In addition, many third-party Bowens mount modifiers are compatible with the Orion 675 FS.

A rolling hardshell case with custom-cut foam is available for purchase with the light, or separately. The latching resin case measures 31.7” x 20.6” x 12.7” (806mm x 523mm x 323mm) with telescoping handle retracted. It holds the lamp, plus its two included reflectors and a 10m power cable with space for additional items.

See it at IBC 2022 The final version of the Orion 675 FS will be on show at the IBC show in Amsterdam, 9-12 Sept. The entire family of Prolycht LED spotlights will be on display in Hall 12, booth H43

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