Nov 25, 2023

Mechanic shares little

A mechanic has shared the one button you should press in your car to save you money. Turning off this particular function will stop you from having to pay expensive repair bills in the future

A mechanic has revealed that there is a little-known button in your car you should always press before starting the engine. Scotty Kilmer has been in the industry for more than 55 years and regularly uploads informational care videos online. In a recent clip, he has advised that drivers turn off a certain car function or face expensive repair bills in the long run.

"Most of the wear on your engine occurs when you start the car. The oil at the bottom of the engine, the oil pump has to spin, pump the oil to the top of the engine, and start lubricating," he explained. "Every time you shut the car off the oil goes back down, it's got to be pumped back up again. Do you really want to be starting and stopping your car all the time?"

Cars have had the stop-start feature, which prevents the engine from running when the car is stationary, since 1974. As a result, various manufacturers assert that stop-start increases fuel efficiency and helps the car be more ecologically friendly. However, the function will only work when the battery is charged to a certain level because running the engine consumes a lot of energy.

Thankfully, while there is no way to completely turn off this feature, Scotty said in one of his YouTube videos that there is one way you can disable it. All you have to do is press a small button which features the letter 'A' within a circle. The A button can be found in many modern vehicles, usually among the centre console buttons.

"By law, you can’t turn it off from the way it was built from the factory permanently so every time you start the car you have to push the off button for the automatic stop-start, then the light will come on. But every time you shut off the car, go home, whatever, and then you start it again you’ve got to push the button, just get in the habit of doing that," the motoring expert said in his YouTube video.

Pushing the A button means the engine will not shut off when the vehicle is stopped. When the light illuminates on the button, this means the system is off, but there are certain conditions where the start-stop won't activate. For example, if the steering wheel is turned or the driver seatbelt is not fastened, the function won't work.

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